Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Homeless Critic Churnalism



The Vile Arts are delighted to announce that Gareth K Vile, author of The Criticulous Trilogy, is returning to the live art arena. Following on from his recent eviction, he has begun work on The Homeless Critic, a multi-media piece that will span podcasts, live monologues and installation, as well as durational pieces.

The full version of The Homeless Critic will hit the stage in 2016 at Edinburgh Fringe, and several major venues have already started bidding for the show. Vile promises that he'll being revealing the murky world of Fringe Critique, so if you think he might know that thing that you did that time, I suggest that you keep reading.

For 2015, Vile will be staging a series of works in progress, including a nightly eight hour performance of Critic has to Sleep in the Meadows and a daily breakfast show Washing Myself in the Public Toilets

As well as drawing attention to the true fact that his dedication to criticism led to him not being able to pay his recent, Vile hopes that the process will draw attention to homelessness in Scotland.

"I am going to get in touch with Shelter and see whether they fancy this being part of their outreach programme. Besides, it's probably a good idea for me to get in touch with them anyway, as they can probably help me with the legal consequences of getting evicted."

Vile encourages keeping a close eye on his twitter account for further details. "If I can get internet somewhere, I'll add some details, and I am going to send this to every company who contacts me in the next month. Of course, I am happy to relocate the durational pieces and call them Three Days on Your Couch for any companies who might think that actually helping a brother out is better than making another verbatim show about poverty."

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