Sunday, 16 February 2014

Performance Nights 2

One of the most distinctive trend in Glasgow's art scenes is the cross-fertilisation between different genres: Social Sculpture looked at the way the art and music scenes combined to drive a generation of artists (some of whom did pretty well in the Turner Prize stakes), while the various festivals of Live Art and Performance reveal an enthusiasm for work that doesn't just owe its existence to theatre.

Performance Nights is another healthy outlet for those artists' repressed energy: the intention is to create a space for 'work in progress' without putting it under the pressure of an audience expecting a completed process. And there's time planned into the evening to make sure that discussion can happen.

The next edition is on Tuesday 21 February and stars the following artists...

James Stephen Wright
His CV includes work with 85A, which is a sign of quality.
Peter MacRae
He has been known to play with sound, national iconography and collage.
Stephen O'Toole
This is the writer, not the one who runs a karate school (thank you, Google), and has an intriguingly diffuse twitter feed.
Morgan Cahn
She made a soup out of nails once, and was involved in Yuck'n'Yum magazine.
Struan Kennedy
There is plenty of Struan's writing knocking about the web: he seems to be able to knock out a fairly good critical response to visual art.
Fabrizio Potedad
A quote about the nature of time introduces his vimeo page, and it takes off from there.
Adam Scarborough
I thought he had gone to the USA. He was in Arches Live: interview available on the Radio Hour.
Kathryn Clayton
She beat me - can't google her at all.

It's at the Pipe Factory, starts at 6pm.

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