Friday, 19 July 2013

Trees Near Bowhill

The auteur in person
In this short extract, Vile's enthusiasm for cheap horror movies is an ironic contrast with the rural beauty of the scene. Taken as he strolled along the path towards the Bowhill Giants, this extract is best explained in the auteur's own words.

'You see, it's like a horror film and you are expecting the monster to come out from around the corner - and it doesn't appear. Instead, you get nice trees. Is that because there is no monster - or is the monster the one making the film? Am I, in fact, the monster?'

A Real Film Critic supplied the answer. 'Since the word monster comes from the Latin monstrum, meaning a show, Vile is right. He is certainly making a show of himself with his camera work.'

However, whatever else Vile thinks he is up to here, it is at least noting that he does capture how beautiful Scotland can be - and in the next extract, we shall see the Giants... the target of his search.

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