Thursday, 29 November 2012


Bring Your Own Beamer is this huge international phenomena. You have to invite as many artists as possible, and they have to come along with their own projector. Then you shout "go" and they all project their work at the same time.

Glasgow gets its own BYOB on 30 November 2012: just when I am booked up with pantomimes. I suppose it comes to the same thing: information overload, multi-platform aesthetics, interludes of mayhem and plenty of bright colours.

Of course, it's at the Glue Factory. Honestly, where else could it be these days? It opens at 7pm for an exhibition opening, then the action kicks off at 9pm.

"Initiated by Rafaƫl Rozendaal in 2010, BYOB means one room, innumerable projectors, and an immersive experience of light and sound. With every participant bringing along their own beamer, all the night's artists present their work simultaneously, creating information overload and an overwhelming sense experience."

Organized by Diane Edwards and Craig Jackson with support from the Glue Factory.

Artists: Devon Elise Atkins / Stefan Blomeier and Darren Banks / Callum Beith / Adam Cruces / Natalie Doyle / Diane Edwards / Erica Eyres / James Farlam / Femtyechrome / Pete Fleming / Tracy Foster / Yannick Val Gesto / Mike Goldby / John Hill / Craig Jackson / Robin Johnson / David Johnstone / Marcin Klimek / Krysia Kordeck / Rachel MacLean / Ailisa Margot MacKenzie / Euan McKenzie / Val McLean / Christy Mearns / Rickie and Jamie McNeil / Robin Miller / Steven Morrison / Tim Narloch / Craig Oates / Lachlann Rattray / Alice Charlotte Ray / Jon Reid / James Rivers / Jamie F Simpson / Ewan Sinclair / Sara Sinclair and Mirja Koponen / Kim Stewart / Daniel Swan / Alex Tobin / Laskfar Vortok / Stella Wan / Marianne Wilson / Rachel Yezbick / Sinead Young

Audio-Visual sets: Ship Canal / Iopan / Tam Treanor / T.O.M.

Live sets: ULTRA LEPaR / Flacid Haus / Thee Downs

DJ sets: Jonnie Wilkes and Steven Legget / Andy Wake and Scott Duncan

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