Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Remember When: Marc Brew 001

For his solo, Remember When, Marc Brew draws on his ballet experience to craft a piece of touching fragility: against the huge video  projection backdrop, Brew sits in one corner, vulnerable and rotating his arms through a cycle of often jerky and abrupt sequences. Despite the scale of the projection,  which features Brew performing similar movements in a shopping centre, obscured by an escalator and filmed through glass, Brew's delicate presence cultivates an intimacy, while his careful placement of hands and fluid shifts in shape imitate thoughts tumbling before being tamed into order.

Against the broader, sensual scope of Nocturne, Remember When is poignant and lonely: melancholic cello evokes the grand solos of ballet and Brew's stillness of body contrasts with the agitated flow of his arms and neck. Yet it affirms that Brew is capable of adapting his classical training towards a deeply personal choreography and perfectly captures the enchanting sadness that accompanies recollection of times less lonely in solitude.

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