Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Nocturne: Marc Brew 002

Introducing Marc Brew's triple bill at Tramway, Nocturne has none of the melancholic shades suggested by its name and influence (Whistler's Nocturne). Rather, it is a lively pas de quartre, bouncing across a pair of double beds and evoking the sexual excitement of new love against the comfortable sensuality of the old.

Using the double beds as trampoline like stages, and gradually merging the beds into a single central mattress, Brew captures sensual joy in a series of dynamic duets - there is even a cheeky humour when the characters throw off the covers and fling clothes across the stage, abandoning the restraint that their balletic discipline established in the early movements. The bed becomes the place of fun, of connection - only the ponderous spoken word segment hints at the more disappointing possibilities of the night, acting as a sharp contrast to the dancer's acrobatic mingling.

As a programmatic first piece, Nocturne establishes a clear style: Brew emphasises the line of classical ballet, adding a rough and ready energy, wry wit and sense of fun. Indeed, the cheeky grin that briefly flashes across his lips during the applause is like a signature to his style - modest, confident and charming.

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