Friday, 14 September 2012

Episode II, Autumn Season...

"I'm back in the country." The dry tone was unmistakable. Vile didn't need to ask.
"My Producer Harry! I was worried about you."
"You haven't been trying to replace me, have you?"
Vile looked shifty. He grinned at Daphne and mouthed "keep quiet" before shouting into the phone.
"How could I? And I have this great idea for an outside broadcast..."
"If we could just keep to the business in hand? Who do you have lined up for this week's show?"

"Francis McKee is going to kick start the show. He's the director of the CCA and behind the research into the venue's history. He's got a bit of history himself, musical history... speaking of music, here's Natalie Pryce, ready to launch their new album that we previewed last week. Then Louise Quinn - a Vile Art's regular - turns up to talk about Biding Time."
"We are all biding our time waiting on you to get your act together," Harry replied. "That's a play isn't it? Or a remix of a play?"

"And we are going to finish with a chat to the guys from Need Nothing. Arches Live Special!"
"Weren't they the guys razzing you on Twitter? You sure you can handle them?"

"Idealists? Pah? Besides, I've got Daphne to back me up."
"My replacement?"
"No. There can only be one Producer. Daphne is part of the new, expanded team."
"I hope that she enjoys being in the studio with you. I'll be down in ten minutes. Maybe you'll get the playlist in order this time?

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