Friday, 28 September 2012

Criticulous thanks Grant

Show Name: I Love Criticulous and Criticulous Loves Me
Artist: Gareth K Vile
Venue: Arches LIVE 2012
Date: Sat 29 Sep 2012 |2pm onwards | Foyer| Free

Descriptions (from The Arches Website): He took confession, investigated murder, chatted to stars and was locked up in a basement for his art. Now Criticulous faces the ultimate challenge: collaboration. 

Unwilling to admit that criticism is not the original art form, Criticulous fights his ego and mounting anxiety to present a series of pieces that brings dance, radio, dialectics, sculpture and the audience into his relentless quest to understand a world he did not create but reflects.
Contains desperation.

You know who the really important guys are in theatre? Really... I bet you think I am going to say the critics... Yeah, well, right. Think again.

It's the technical guys behind the scenes. Seriously. Sure, there is always that nice moment when the cast points to the sound and lighting people  - after they have had their own applause, of course. And they sometimes get their names in the programme. But no-one really takes the time to thank them. And even if they did, the tech guys are usually too busy to hear it. They are cleaning up the bloody mess the "creatives" leave behind.

I've just spent some time with my personal tech guy, Eric Karoulla, and chatted with the wonderful Grant from The Arches. Eric's reward will be to get to be part of the show tomorrow - I can't wait until he sees the outfit I've designed for him - but Grant just arranges stuff and never gets a just reward.

On the other hand, if Grant wasn't so efficient, Criticulous would still be an idea in the back of the Vile mind. But don't hold that against him. Criticulous can give thanks, but accepts full responsibility for the consequences...

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