Sunday, 25 September 2011

Mr Criticulous at The Arches

Having spent the last week in a box in The Arches' foyer - any more explanation than that tends to get complicated and loses the mystery of Critical Confessions, my solo show - I have had a great deal of time to think. Apart from being disappointed with the number of people not turning up after booking a slot, even though I give away a free gift to every punter who dares break the seal on my door, I've been excited by the experience, and can't thank LJ at The Arches enough for trusting me to do this.

Critical Confessions came out of my interest in crossing the line between performance and criticism. It's a bit like a confession booth at church, or Santa's Grotto, or a lap dance. It is unashamedly questioning and intellectual, although the latter depends more on the audience than the star turn.

Without giving out any names, two of the Glasgow performers whom I most admire came in to see me perform. That did frighten me, but this leaves a little message to the rest of the Live Art Young Team: what is keeping you away? Slots free on Tuesday.

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